I’ve taken a big interest in JRFeedbackProvider, already with two (albeit small) patches ready and I filed a new bug on the latest update. JRFeedbackProvider is a add-on to your cocoa app that will let the user easily submit feedback to you, be it a bug, feature request or support request, and all you need to do is copy the files and make a menu item connection, and use the provided php script on your server (or write your own in your language of choice).

This project has given me a great chance to get in to contributing to open source projects, it’s scope is reasonable and there seems to be room for development that I can take swings at. I’d like to start a Zend project to act as a collector of these feedback reports, not as a bug tracker, but as a bug/feature/support filtering system. A place that collects reports from the wild and the developer can then make decisions to discard, reply to, or push over any issue to their bug tracker of choice.



My name is Clint Shryock. I develop things in Go and Ruby. I live in central Missouri, where the weather is beautiful 4 months of the year.
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