Thoughts on Nexus One

This Boy Genius Report has some thoughts on the Nexus One that I’ve always held (although the author seems to feel more strongly about them)

there’s practically no human emotion with Google when it comes to technology. Everything is statistical and analytical. While you could argue that being this way is way superior to “feeling” and “emotion”- it might be 95% of the time – you still will almost always lose that charm and that amazing feeling of connecting to something.

This sums up my feelings about a lot of products when compared to Apple. If you’ve met me, you may know I have a thing for Apple products, and it’s not because I’m a blind fan-boy, instead it’s because their products are easy to make a emotional connection to. There’s a lot of thought, hard work and love put into most of them, and it’s easy for me to make a human connection to them.



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