Updates to CocoaREST

I’ve been adding support for the Github API to my fork of CocoaREST. Right now I’ve added:

  1. SDGithubTaskGetRepos: Showing a list of repositories by user
  2. SDGithubTaskGetRepoNetwork: Showing the network for a given user/repository (shows commits by forks of that repository, or commits of forks of it’s parent repository)
  3. SDGithubTaskUserShow: show information about a user
  4. SDGithubTaskUserUpdate: Update user information with new name, email, blog, company or location

In addition I’ve added a tab to the demo app to show some of these. In it you can view user information by name (SDGithubTaskUserShow) and get a list of repositories (SDGithubTaskGetRepos). The tableview is set run a new task to find forks of the selected repository (SDGithubTaskGetRepoNetwork) on selection change.

The GithubDelegate is kind of a cumbersome class in that it handles all of the task results even though the API returns different results for each task. Ideally I would use a specialized class to delegate for each task, but it’s just for demonstration.



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