Growl Down

I was working for a client the other day and needed to get a copy of our staging server database down to my development machine. So I ssh’d into the server, piped a

and then proceeded to download the file via
. The resulting bzip was ~40MB so the download took a couple of minutes; 3 minutes isn’t really a long time, but it’s too long for me to just stare at a progress bar and wait while there are other things I could be doing. I thought to myself “I wish this download would send a growl notification when it finished.”

Thus, Growl Down was born. Growl Down is a ruby gem that wraps scp/curl on the command line and sends a Growl notification when the transfer is complete.

Growl Down is currently in development; I don’t have much ruby gem experience, so I’m learning as I go. I’m hoping for an beta release by years end, but the holidays are always busy so who knows.



My name is Clint Shryock. I develop things in Go and Ruby. I live in central Missouri, where the weather is beautiful 4 months of the year.
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