This was passed on to me today:

It seems that one day a person asked the Buddha “How do you and your monks practice your path?”.

To this, the Buddha replied “We walk, we sit and we eat.”

“But everyone walks, sits and eats!”

“However, when we walk, we know that we are walking. When we sit, we know that we are sitting, and when we eat, we know that we are eating”

Being mindful of what is happening in the here and now is very important. Allowing past emotions, or future fears to rule you is counterproductive. By being fully engaged in the present, we are better parents, employees, and citizens.

The extent that we are connected in our lives is not unlike an addiction. It’s hard, really hard, to pull yourself out of the net and take an objective look at just how plugged in you are. How much you have just passed through, as if on a type of autopilot, without consciously experiencing.

Ask yourself tonight as you get into bed:

What did I experience today?
What did I do?



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